Roaming Northern California by foot, bike, ski and boat, I am drawn to the geologic, natural and meteorological diversity of this unique region in all its seasons.  The stamp of natural forces is unmistakable.  Ocean waves chisel rocks and choreograph sand.  Forest saplings reach for the sun.  Sunlight bends and tints through smoke or fog.  My watercolor paintings examine natural forces, serving up a visual temptation to suspend the grip of civilization on our attention. 

My art emerged from a lifelong appreciation of nature and living things that drove me into the sciences—Biology, Genetics, Chemistry, Botany. Science informs my work in subject, story, and color and also in my painting process. Watercolor allows me to float pigments across the paper according to their own physical and chemical properties, settling where they will, much like microscopic sand.  The velvet result particularly engages me because it echoes the forces of nature in its variance, its deviation from uniformity and for its subtle, complex order.